Therefore welcome one another as Christ
has welcomed you, for the glory of God.
– Romans 15:7

History of CBC

(Updated May 2020)

This history was compiled in May 2010 and updated in May 2020 by Terryl Hicks from the following sources: a church history compiled by Mrs. L.H. (Myra) Bulter, Mrs. J.M. (Odile) Tony and Mrs. George (Zula) Swetman, dated December 7, 1969; church history continued by Mrs. Odile Toney dated March 7, 1979; additional notes from Mary Louise Brumfield and Anna Dell Creel, May 2010; and church photos and publications, May 2020.


  • Clifton Baptist Church was organized.
  • Sunday School met in a one-room schoolhouse located east of the railroad track on J.C. (Jake) Foil’s land.  According to the 1990 church history, this is now Madison Bateman Road, and a portion of the building was still standing at that time.
  • Rev. Joe Bateman held preaching services once a month, but Sunday School was held each Sunday.


  • June 18, 1914 – Clifton Baptist Church purchased the Magee Methodist Church building and land from the Board of Trustees of Franklinton Methodist Church for the sum of $300 cash.  The church building had been built on a plot of land sold to Magee Methodist Church by John and Sarah Magee on September 20, 1878.  The building had been used by the Methodist church until it disbanded.  This is the land where our current building stands in 2010, at 27312 Highway 25, just south of Highway 38.
  • Rev. M.M. Voiles was instrumental in the organization of the church, consisting of twelve charter members – W.M. (Will) Bateman and Jeni Bateman, J.C. (Jake) Foil and his wife Dell Foil, Mrs. A.G. (Mary) Magee, Mrs. F.M. (Fannie) Magee, Mr. Will Sylvest and his wife Nora, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Graves, Mrs. Rosetta Alford, and Mrs. Alyne Bickham.
  • Rev. Willis Corkern was the church’s first pastor.


  • J.P. Burch was Clifton’s second pastor, and it was during his term as pastor that the original church building burned.  The fire was caused by a Great Southern log train which set the woods on fire.  When the Great Southern Lumber Company learned of the destruction, they gave a gift of lumber to replace the building.  The men of the church rebuilt the building.
  • W.A. Murray succeeded Burch as pastor, to be followed by W.R. Womack, Clifton’s first pastor from Baptist Bible Institute in New Orleans.  Baptist Bible Institute was established in 1917, and would later become the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.
  • An increase in membership developed during the tenure of pastor L.S. Evans, and he was succeeded by G.W. Strother, who later became a missionary to China.
  • Rev. Charles Wattenbarger then took the reins, and during his tenure, Sunday School rooms were planned, with two on each side.
  • P.A. Pridgen became the next pastor, and during his time at Clifton, the church building was moved back from the highway and remodeled, among other changes.


  • Rev. J.E. Edmondson became pastor.
  • Debt was paid and the building was dedicated.


  • Rev. A.T. Mitchell became pastor and served for three years. 


  • Rev. Richard Whittington became pastor, serving for 15 months.


  • Rev. J.W. Wood was called as pastor and served until 1940.


  • Dennis L. Stennis served as pastor.


  • C.H. Barrett fulfilled the role of pastor.
  • Annex was added at the back of the church, and all bills were paid.


  • Dr. John M. Price served as pastor.


  • Dr. J Hardee Kennedy became pastor of Clifton Baptist  Church in June.
  • Baptistry with picture was added.
  • Partitions for Sunday School rooms were added.
  • The building was redecorated inside and outside and the grounds beautified.
  • The church budget was $2,917, of which 14% ($400) was designated to the cooperative program.


  • Rev. D.P Worsham led the church as pastor.


  • Dr. John O Strange served as pastor.
  • The church went to full-time services.
  • A building fund was started.


  • Rev. P.E. Poole ministered as pastor.
  • The 1959-1960 church budget was $8,035, with $2,400 designated for the cooperative program. The pastor’s salary was $1,800.


  • W.L. (Bill) Bennett served as pastor.
  • A building committee was elected, comprised of John H. Magee (Chairman), Mrs. Ed Kliesch (Secretary), L.H. Butler, Charles Bateman, Mrs. George (Zula) Swetman, Mrs. Winifred Bateman and Mrs. Dudley Bateman.
  • Most of the pastors during this era were either seminary professors or seminary students, and most of them were able to serve only on weekends.


  • Rev. Milton S. Overby served as pastor.


  • Rev. F. Stanley Hardee held the position as pastor.
  • The Building Committee was activated in September 1965.
  • The church building was demolished to make room for a new brick structure.
  • It became necessary to borrow $18,000 to complete the building.
  • Louie Tate surrendered to the ministry.

Early 1966

  • Building completed, occupied and dedicated to the Lord with special services.
  • April 19, 1966 was the first Sunday in the new church building.
  • Total cost of the building was $56,278.70 plus personal donations for furnishings and labor.
  • Mrs. J.M. Toney donated a mobile home for the parsonage.  It was much needed, as the only place the minister and his family had to stay was a very small apartment in the back of the church.


  • Dr. Tolbert served as pastor.
  • August 1967 – Louie Tate was ordained into ministry.


  • Bro. Don Baker became pastor.


  • October – Final payment on the $18,000 note was paid.
  • December 7 – the note was burned at a special celebration.


  • The church budget was $13,922, with 20% designated to the cooperative program.


  • February 22, 1971 – Dr. Don Baker resigned as pastor to accept a call to Concord Baptist Chapel in Jefferson City, Missouri.
  • August 1, 1971 – Lamar Eugene Cooper became pastor.  He was a seminary student and served Clifton on weekends.
  • The pastor’s salary was raised.  $4,420 was budgeted for October 1970-September 1971, with a proposed salary of $5,200 the following year.
  • A speaker was installed in the nursery.
  • Cushions were placed on the benches in the auditorium.
  • A Yamaha baby grand piano was purchased by the church.
  • Special gifts were given to the Building Fund, Mandeville Baptist Camp and the Fairhaven Children’s Home.
  • Folding tables were given for the fellowship hall, and a new front porch as added to the church for a cost of $8,600.


  • November 10, 1974 – Bro. Lamar Cooper resigned.
  • Bro. Devon Byrd was called to serve as our interim pastor.
  • The pastor’s annual salary was raised to $6,700.
  • Outdoor carpet for the front porch was given by Mr. and Mrs. A.G. Magee, Jr.
  • October 1975 – Bro. Steven Seaford was called as pastor.
  • A special offering was again given to the Mandeville Baptist Encampment.  Mrs. Wilmer Smith and Mrs. Melissa Foil gave gifts in memory of their late husbands, who had served as deacons.


  • The nursery and trailer were carpeted.
  • New hymnals were given to the church by A.G. Magee and Odile Toney. The hymnals were purchased for the sum of $805.43.
  • Four new deacons were elected – Joe Warren, Fred Thomas, Joe Shedd and Denman Brumfield.


  • November 22 – Bro. Seaford resigned as pastor.
  • Dr. J.O. Strange and  Bro. Devon Byrd served as interim pastors.


  • March 6 – Art Lobell began his term as pastor.
  • A new parsonage was needed, and winfred Bateman accepted the position of chairman of this committee.
  • The parsonage was completed for a cost of $29, 875.32.
  • The church voted to give all Fifth Sunday offerings to the Building Fund.
  • A new van was purchased for $8,000.
  • A new organ was given by John and Mildren Magee, and the old organ was given to the Mandeville Baptist Encampment.


  • April 16 – Bto. Art Lobell resigned as pastor.
  • Dr. Jerry Breazeale from the seminary served as interim pastor until July 2, 1978.
  • July 9 – Edwin Walters, a seminary student working toward his doctorate degree, was called as pastor and served until 1981.


  • Church Budget was $100,000 – from $2,917 in 1949.


  • Wayne Cooper served as pastor.


  • The need for a youth minister became apparent, and after a search recommended by Anna Dell Creel, Reed Bethel became Clifton’s first minister of youth.
  • Youth took summer trips to Ridgecrest and Glorieta.


  • Seminary professor Dr. Luther Door served as interim pastor and was later called as pastor.


  • Reed Bethel became pastor and Barry Cutrer became minister of youth.
  • As the congregation grew, a building committee was appointed to meet the need with a family-life center and classrooms.  The committee consisted of Jerry Rayborn, Joe Warren, Louis Powell, Anna Dell Creel and Earlane Bateman.


  • November – Clifton dedicated the additions – a gym, commercial kitchen, fellowship all, classrooms and two restrooms.  New carpet for the classrooms and auditorium were added and the existing old restrooms were remodeled.  Cost of the addition was approximately $290,000.


  • Youth Minister Barry Cutrer resigned from Clifton to become pastor of a church in Mississippi.
  • August – Seminary student Aaron Johnson became minister of youth.
  • Aaron, his wife Denise and daughter Denae lived across the street from the church in the Bulloch home which the church rented from its new owner, Mr. King.
  • A church secretary position was created and Aaron’s wife Denise became secretary.  It was a part-time position with hours from 8 a.m. to noon, Monday through Friday.
  • Aaron served as youth minister until January 1988.
  • During Aaron’s tenure, the young men went on their first mission trip to Montana.


  • February – Curtis Bridges served as minister of youth and recreation.  He, as all others, served the church on a part-time basis, assuming duties on weekends and Wednesday nights.  He served until April 1989.


  • February – Reed Bethel resigned as pastor to serve at Otter Creek Baptist Church in Arkansas.
  • A pulpit committee consisting of Phillip Creel, Jerry Rayborn, Dennis Crowe, Patti King and Sylvia Burrel was formed.
  • May – Aaron Johnson returned to Clifton and assumed duties as minister of youth and activities while studying for his doctorate degree at the University of Southern Mississippi.  He served until October 1989, and during his time the youth group had a very strong mid-week Bible study group.
  • June – Charles Brady became pastor.
  • The church purchased the Bulloch property across the street to be used as the residence of the minister of youth.  The property was purchased for $30,000.
  • A new sound system was added to the church.
  • The music ministry purchased its first electronic synthesizer.
  • Concrete tables and benches were given to the church in memory of Johnny Magee.


  • January – Gary Cornelious came as minister of youth with his wife Julie.  He was also a seminary student.  He took the youth to Ridgecrest, mission trips to Port Sulphur, and youth retreat in Gulf Shores, Alabama.
  • Gary and his wife Julie started a puppet ministry at Clifton and presented the first youth musical at the church, People Need the Lord.
  • July 29 – The church hosted an 80th anniversary celebration with “Reflections of the Past” in the Fellowship Hall, a worship service with a message delivered by former pastor Dr. J.Hardee Kennedy, and an old-fashioned “dinner on the grounds.”  Committee members were Anna Dell Creel, Bevin Creel, Burlon Bateman, JoAnn Crowe, Mary Louise Brumfield, Ellen Bateman, Lucy Bateman, Lillian Bateman, Clara Thomas and Elsie Kliesch.
  • Pew Bibles were given in memory of John Magee, who died in October 1990, as well as the carpet for the church porch, which was given to honor the church’s 80th anniversary.


  • April – New hymnals – The New Baptist Hymnal – were added to the church.


  • Buddy Hanson became youth minister.  He was a student at New Orleans Seminary and was married to Rene.


  • Charles Brady resigned as pastor.


  • Ed Griffin became pastor of Clifton Baptist Church, serving until 1999.
  • Clifton Baptist Church produced a live nativity scene at Christmas.


  • Youth Minister Buddy Hanson resigned in 1995 to go to Montana.
  • The church voted to incorporate, and also replaced the porch carpet..
  • Maridell Creel served at the church’s first summer worker for children.


  • A new 3 Manual Allen organ was given to the church and dedicated in July with Bevin Creel as soloist.
  • The church donated $1,000 to a Franklinton Crusade.
  • May 19 – the church ordained Frederick Brumfield, son of Denman and Imogene Brumfield, into Christian ministry.


  • Chris Broadwater became youth minister.  He later resigned to further his education.
  • Three and a half acres were purchased by the church from Denman Brumfield and 7 acres from Bart Van Dan.


  • Paul Brashier became pastor and served until 2002.
  • Marcus Rosa became youth minister and served with his wife Shannon.


  • The church voted to give Devon Byrd’s Byrdland 1% of the offering.
  • The piano was repaired for a cost of $2,500, with hammers and felts being replaced.
  • Dr. Jerry Barlow served as interim pastor until June 2003.


  • Rev. Tony Hicks, a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary was called as pastor and began serving in June.
  • The church purchased a video screen and projector for the sanctuary.


  • May – Marcus Rosa resigned as youth minister to become pastor of Westside Emmanuel Baptist Church in Bogalusa.
  • July 27 – Preston Clay Crowe, son of Jo Ann and Dennis Crowe, was ordained into Christian ministry in a ceremony lit by candles due to a power outage.


  • January – Derek Brown was called as youth director, and his wife Ariel joined him after their wedding in July.
  • Shelley Thomas served as the church’s summer ministry intern, heading up our “Serengeti Trek” Vacation Bible School and leading lessons and activities for the children.
  • August 29 – Category 5 Hurricane Katrina makes landfall on the Gulf shore of Mississippi.  The church and other buildings survived with no damage, although trees were blown down all over our community.
  • September – the church parking lot served as a distribution point for food and other necessities for our community in the wake of the devastating Hurricane Katrina.
  • Clifton began working with Lakeshore Baptist Church of Waveland, Mississippi, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Waveland was at the landfall point of the hurricane and was devastated by a 25-foot storm surge.  Lakeshore Baptist, and much of the community, was washed away … all that remained was the steeple.  Clifton provided meals after some of the Sunday worship services being held in a tent on the property, as well as physical labor in building a temporary building for the church. In addition to donations of food, clothing and more, a donation of $7,000 was collected through an offering specifically for Lakeshore Baptist Church and its ministry to its community after the hurricane.


  • Shelley Thomas again acted as the summer children’s ministry intern, with responsibilities that included our “Fiesta” Vacation Bible School.


  • Brittany DeWitt served as the summer children’s intern, and our VBS was Lifeway’s “Avalanche Ranch.”
  • A playground for the children was constructed by the men of the church in the area in front of the gym beside the fellowship hall.
  • Youth minister Derek Brown resigned in December 2007 to concentrate on his studies at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.


  • Jeff Tinsley began serving as youth minister just a couple of weeks prior to his marriage to Andrea Dunigan of Franklinton.  Jeff was a student at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and was very involved in our “Power Lab” Vacation Bible School, even though it was the week before his wedding.
  • Andrea Tinsley assisted with the children’s summer ministry.
  • Jeff led the youth on trips to Arkansas and Atlanta, as well as the Strength to Stand Conference in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.
  • Bruce Simpson was selected to join the church deacon body.


  • Pastor Tony Hicks instituted a Tuesday Bible Study, meeting each Tuesday morning for 3 years and then going to every other Tuesday in 2012.  He began with Exodus and has tackled other books and themes, including Genesis, Joshua and Judges to the lives of Jesus and Paul the Apostle.
  • Shelley Thomas returned as the summer children’s ministry intern, heading up our “Crocodile Dock” swamp-themed Vacation Bible School (complete with a wooden dock and shack built by Randy Thomas and other men of the church), in addition to other duties.
  • Shelley Thomas took our 3rd-6th graders to CentriKid Camp for the first time at Mississippi College in Clinton, Mississippi.  “Jesus 360” was the camp theme.
  • Lloyd Smith was ordained as a deacon and joined the church deacon body.


  • In preparation for the church’s centennial anniversary, new wood flooring was installed in the fellowship hall, offices, halls and Sunday School rooms of the addition.  New carpet was installed in the Sanctuary and Sunday School rooms in the main building  Pews were refinished, upholstered cushions were added, and much of the church was repainted.
  • Staff consists of Pastor Tony Hicks, Youth Minister Jeff Tinsley and church secretary Andrea Tinsley.  Anna Dell Creel serves as organist, choir director and worship coordinator, which Randy Thomas serves as Music Director and Jackie Thomas is our pianist.  Beth Ann King, Carla Jones, Shelley Thomas and Andres Tinsley assist with PowerPoint, and Don Spears is in charge of the sound system.  Phillip Creel serves as deacon chairman and Shelley Thomas is our VBS Director.
  • The church operating budget for 2009-2010 was $225,636.04 with $33,789 designated for missions, including the cooperative programs.
  • May 2 – Centennial Celebration service celebrating 100 years of ministry at Clifton Baptist Church. Current and former members and staff gathered to celebrate a century of ministry with Clifton Baptist Church.  Activities included a Saturday evening get together at the home of Sara Nelson, a gathering with displays and short presentations Sunday morning, a special worship service on Sunday morning, and a fellowship meal following the service.
  • CBC’s 100th Anniversary Worship Service included:
    • Welcome by Pastor Tony Hicks
    • Morning Prayer by former pastor Rev. Ed Griffin
    • Recognition of Former Pastors and Members by PastorTony Hicks
    • Youth Minister Recognition and Memories by Mrs. Anna Dell Creel and former youth minister Chris Broadwater
    • Historical Notes and Charter Members of Clifton Baptist Church presented by Bevin Creel
    • Music including: hymns such as “Great is Thy Faithfulness,” and “To God Be the Glory”, as well as “Just a Little Talk with Jesus” by quartet comprised of Brandon Creel, Bradley Creel,  Randy Thomas and Chris Broadwater
    • Devotional Thoughts from Dr. Aaron Johnson, former youth minister
    • A Challenge for the Next Century from Pastor Tony Hicks
    • Benediction by Youth Minister Jeff Tinsley
  • Summer activities included Vacation Bible School led by Shelley Thomas, CentriKid Camp at Mississippi College and Youth Camp in August. 
  • December’s Children’s Choir Musical was “It All Happened in the Country” led by Children’s Choir Directors Jewel Fruge’ and Jackie Thomas.
  • CBC hosted its first Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, which would become an annual tradition.


  • Jeff Tinsley resigned as youth minister to pastor a church in Georgia in the spring..
  • Special events included a Valentine’s Banquet, jambalaya fundraiser for summer camps, fishing rodeo, Easter party and egg hunt, tablescapes Secret Sister tea party reveal party, church outing to a Casting Crowns concert, a casserole silent auction fundraiser, fall fest and hayride.
  • May 17 – Terryl Hicks became the church secretary
  • May 21 – Scott Shirley is called as CBC’s youth minister. He is married to nurse practitioner Bethany, and begins his ministry in June.
  • June – “Pandamonium” Vacation Bible School headed by Shelley Thomas. Decorations included a wooden bridge built by Randy Thomas.
  • Lloyd Smith and other men of the church adapted a new wooden out-building behind the gym to become the new home for our youth group.  Dubbed the “shack out back” by the teenagers, it included scripture written on the subflooring by the youth and other church members … so that the youth would be “standing on the promises of God” after the main flooring was installed. The youth room was ready for use in August.
  • Summer found the youth a camp at Byrdland, July  , while the children attended CentriKid’s “Shipwreck Island” themed camp at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi.
  • September – several large trees in front of church were taken down because they were rotting.
  • November – the church participated in Samaritan’s Puse’s Operation Christmas Child, packing shoeboxes of gifts and necessities to be distributed around the world.
  • December – Sanctuary Choir musical presentation was “Down From His Glory” under the direction of Anna Dell Creel, and the Children’s Choir presented “Back to the Manger: a Caroling Adventure Through Time,” under the direction of Jewel Fruge and Jackie Thomas.
  • After Christmas, the youth traveled to the Smoky Mountains for the Strength to Stand Conference presented by the Scott Dawson Evangelist Association.


  • March – Clifton hosted its first Bible Drill competition.  Throughout the year, children had been learning Bible verses, key passages, the books of the Bible and a 5-part plan of salvation, taught by Shelley Thomas and Terryl Hicks.  In March, the church drill was held, with 6 children competing. (Savannah Wallce, Jonathan Hicks, Hayes Creel, Harrison Creel, Matthew Hicks and Selena Spears.)    3rd grader Savannah Wallace advanced to the District Drill in Amite.
  • Special events this year included our Easter party and egg hunt, a Disciple Now weekend for our youth at First Baptist Church Franklinton, a casserole and dessert auction for children’s camp, a 50th anniversary vow renewal for Lee & Patricia Stogner, the “CBC Olympics” for the children, a children’s outing to Global Wildlife Center in Folsom and our annual Fall Festival in October.
  • This year’s graduate recognition honored Caleb Fruge and Alainna Lindsey (Bowling Green School, Wes Stewart (associate degree in electrical engineering from Northshore Technical College) and Cara Williams (master of music degree in opera performance from Arizona State University.)
  • Shelley Thomas again led our Vacation Bible School.  With “Sky” themed curriculum from Group Publishing, we not only did VBS at Clifton, but did a mission one at Hays Creek Southern Baptist Church in July.
  • The Youth attended MissionFuge youth camp at Ridgecrest Conference Center in North Carolina while the children attended CentriKid at Shocco Springs Conference Center in Talladega, Alabama.
  • August – Clifton hosted a baby dedication during a Sunday worship service for new parents Megan Martin, Samantha Newman,Bethany and Scott Shirley, Chelsea and Brian Barber, Miranda and Evan Smith, Brandi and Mike Hingle and Jessica Moran.
  • Christmas was celebrated by the Sanctuary Choir’s presentation of “Changed by a Baby Boy” (directed by Anna Dell Creel), the Children’s Choir production of “Christmas in Snowflake County” (directed by Jewel Fruge and Jackie Thomas), and a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service.


  • Our second Church Bible Drill had 5 participants (Jonathan Hicks, Hayes Creel, Matthew Hicks, Savannah Wallace, Gage Richardson), with Savannah advancing to the District Drill at First Baptist Church Covington and then the State Drill in Pineville, Louisiana, where she earned a perfect score. 
  • During our Easter Sunday worship service, we celebrated the resurrection with a painting done to music by Caitlin Case, Sarah Spears, Shelley Thomas and Nathan Case, designed by Sara Nelson and accompanied by Anna Dell Creel.
  • In May, the parsonage was repainted and refloored while the Hicks family was on vacation.
  • This year’s activities included our annual Easter party and egg hunt, guest preacher Joseph Lozovoyy, a “Clifton’s Got Talent” variety night, and packing 25 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.
  • This year’s Vacation Bible School was Group Publishing’s “Kingdom Rock,” directed by Shelley Thomas, and featuring a large wooden throne built by Randy Thomas.
  • June 23 – The church family surprised Pastor Tony Hicks and his family with a special day celebrating a decade of ministry at Clifton Baptist Church. (The longest tenure of a pastor to this point.)  The day of surprises included Tony’s parents arriving from Alabama, a banner, a full worship service dedicated to the celebration, a special sermon by former interim pastor Dr. Jerry Barlow, special gifts and a potluck fellowship meal after morning worship. The Worship Service Order is listed below:
    • Bro. Tony and Family – Celebrating 10 Years at Clifton Baptist Church
    • “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings.” Isaiah 52:7
    • Prelude
    • Announcements and Welcome
    • Fellowship Chorus
    • Hymn 4 – “To God Be the Glory” vs. 1, 3
    • Morning Prayer – Scott Shirley
    • Remembering 10 Years – Jo Ann Crowe
    • A Gift From Our Church and Church Family – Lloyd Smith
    • The Pastor’s Wife-A Faithful Servant – Shelley Thomas
    • A Fan of the Crimson Tide – Jerry Rayborn
    • The Longer I Serve Him – Phillip Creel
    • Hymn-How Deep the Father’s Love for Us
    • Offertory Prayer
    • Worship Through Giving – “Great is Thy Faithfulness”
    • Welcome Dr. Barlow – Scott Shirley
    •  Message – Dr. Jerry Barlow
    •  Invitation Hymn 317 – “Only Trust Him”
  • Summer Camps included CentriKid’s “Out of This World” at Shocco Springs in Alabama, and MissionFuge at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • October – Youth Minister Scott Shirley resigns to take a full time position at a church in Opelousas, Louisiana.
  • Christmas celebrations included the Sanctuary  Choir’s “Heart of Christmas” presentation, and the children’s choir “The Sights and Sounds of Christmas” presentation, compiled by Terryl Hicks and directed by Jackie Thomas and Jewel Fruge, as well as our annual Christmas Eve Candlelight Service.


  • The youth kicked off the year by going ice skating in Jackson, Mississippi, and later attending the Strength to Stand Conference in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.
  • This year’s activities included a yard sale fundraiser for summer camps in March, a 50s night youth fundraiser, a fishing rodeo, Easter party and egg hunt, Trunk or Treat fall festival, 56 shoeboxes filled for Operation Christmas Child, and a Thanksgiving Blessings Banquet.
  • This year’s Church Bible Drill featured three participants, with Matthew Hicks and Savannah Wallace advancing to the District Drill in Covington and the State Drill, also in Covington.
  • April – Micah Laughmiller becomes youth minister for a brief time, but resigns by June.
  • This year’s casserole and dessert auction fundraiser for children’s camp becomes with Food & Fun Auction with the addition of tickets to area attractions such as plantations, Painting With a Twist and other fun activities.
  • 2014 high school graduates Lindsay Yates, Sarah Spears, Madison Jordan and Zach Daughdrill were honored during our graduate recognition Sunday.
  • Shelley Thomas led this year’s “Weird Animals” Vacation Bible School.
  • Mid-June – Brennon Gatewood fills in as a youth ministry summer intern
  • Youth Camp took our teens to Glorieta, New Mexico, with a van breakdown occurring at the beginning of the second day of travel.  Children again attended CentriKid Camp at Alabama’s Shocco Springs Conference Center.
  • September 21 –  NOBTS student Daniel Johnson was called as youth minister for the next year until he got married and moved to Georgia.
  • Christmas programs were the Sanctuary Choir’s “The Wonder of the Season,” and  Children’s Choir’s – “Just a Little Christmas”


  • Winter Bible Study with Bro. Gene Richards, held all on one Sunday, with a baked potato lunch fundraiser for youth camp between the worship service and the final session.
  • February – Shelley Thomas and Terryl Hicks give the children’s ministry room and it becomes the Yellow Room.
  • In February, we implemented a change in the church’s worship and activity schedule.  We kept Sunday morning as it was, with Sunday school and morning worship.  However, we would combine Sunday evening service with Wednesday prayer meetings and hold it on Wednesday evening.  We would also have children’s activities, youth bible study, and choir practice on Wednesdays, as well as adding a church-wide fellowship meal to be cooked by volunteer teams. The meal would cost $3 per adult and teens and children would eat free, and this money would cover the cost of the meal supplies.  The new schedule would leave Sunday evenings available for options such as special events, small group studies, etc.
  • Special events this year include: Youth Sunday on March 15, a youth workday at the church, our annual Easter party and egg hunt, the food & fun silent auction fundraiser for children’s camp, a fishing rodeo, a fall kick-off Sunday and tailgate party for high attendance Sunday after morning worship, Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing party, 
  • At this year’s Church Bible Drill, Matthew Hicks advanced to the District Drill and from there on to the State Drill in Pineville.
  • Our Easter Worship Service honored our new life in Christ with a Flowering Cross, decorated by our congregation during the service.  This was the first year we did the flowering cross.
  • Pastor Tony Hicks took a 2-month sabbatical due to health issues.  Church members filled in for everyday responsibilities, while ministers from the association and our church family filled the pulpit until he was able to return.
  • Our Vacation Bible School took us on “Expedition Everest,” with Shelley Thomas at the lead.
  • The youth attended Student Life Mission Camp at Stetson University in Florida, and the children returned to CentriKid Camp for “Faith in Training” at Shocco Springs in Alabama.
  • July 12 – Daniel Johnson’s last Sunday with us before he marries and moves to Georgia.
  • August – Four men were ordained into the deacon body of Clifton Baptist Church –  Pat King, Darrel Warren, Phill Junkins, Brandon Creel
  • Fall – we began a Young Adult Bible Study every other Sunday evening, meeting in members homes. The study is led by Pastor Tony Hicks.
  • November – Jim Hampton Called as youth minister.
  • Christmas Celebrations were “Come and Behold Him” (Sanctuary Choir directed by Anna Dell Creel), “And the Angels Sang … “ (Children’s Choir directed by Shelley Thomas and Terryl Hicks), and the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service)


  •          This year’s Winter Bible Study on January 31 was taught by Don Elbourne, pastor of Lakeshore Baptist Church in Waveland, Mississippi, with a baked potato lunch fundraiser for youth camp.
  •          This year’s Church Bible Drill saw Matthew Hicks and Reese King qualify for the District Bible Drill and then the State Bible Drill in Pineville.  At the State Bible Drill, Matthew earned a bronze medal for qualifying for the state drill for 3 years, and also earned a perfect score.
  •          VBS was Group Publishing’s “Cave Quest” 
  •          Our teenagers attended Student Life Camp at Lee University in Tennessee, and visited Chattanooga’s Ruby Falls and went whitewater rafting on the way home.
  •          End of June/Beginning of July – Jim Hampton resigns as youth minister and shortly after, Brennon Gatewood becomes youth minister.
  •          CentriKid Camp at Shocco Springs in Alabama featured an airline theme of “Unseen.”
  •          August 12 – Torrential rains cause flooding in Franklinton, and we got water in the gym, the “yellow room,” hallway, the secretary’s office and the toddler SS room, all of which we believe came through the back wall. The gym floor was pretty much covered, other areas were big puddles.  A call went out, and the church family came with wet vacs, brooms, mops and labor to clean up.
  •          The youth room was repainted by our students and youth minister, going from blue to deep red.


  •          Reese King participated in Bible Drill at the church, district and state levels, and earned a perfect score at the State Bible Drill.
  •          This year’s Graduate Sunday honored Hampton Creel, Arden Bird, Payton Stogner, Nathan Case, Brock Faust, Katelin Junkins, with Coach Pat King speaking at the graduate breakfast.
  •          VBS this year was Group Publishing’s Maker Fun Factory with Shelley Thomas in the lead.
  •          The youth attended Camp Fuego at Acadian Baptist Center in Eunice, Louisiana, while the children went to CentriKid’s “Adventure Awaits” themed camp at Shocco Springs in Alabama.


  •          March – Children’s Director Shelley Thomas marries Wayne Stewart
  •          Youth Minister Brennon Gatewood resigns.
  •          Graduate Sunday 2018 honors high school grads Cailee Fruge, Hannah Creel, Elizabeth Powell, Harrison Creel, Selena Spears, and Charles Tanksley with a breakfast with Nick Goings, speaker. During worship the high school grads were recognized, as well as Sarah Spears, who graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University in December
  •          Pat King leaves CBC to become the youth minister at Thomas Baptist Church.
  •          May – Mike Daniel called as youth minister, bringing his wife Shellie and their two children.
  •          VBS  2018 finds us “Shipwrecked: Rescued by Jesus”
  •          Youth Camp was MFuge at Ridgecrest Conference Center, and CentriKid’s “Blueprint” was at Shocco Springs in Alabama.

  •          February 17 – Winter Bible Study with Gene Richards, former pastor of Hillcrest Baptist Church Study on the prophet Daniel – “Surviving as a Believer in a Difficult World” with youth baked potato lunch fundraiser.
  •          Graduate Recognition Sunday honored BGS Grad Jonathan Hicks.
  •          Our VBS took us on “The Incredible Race ” with Answers in Genesis’ curriculum, a new curriculum for us.
  •          The youth went to M-Fuge at Ridgecrest Conference Center, Ridgecrest, NC, and this year the kids went to CentriKid Camp in a new location this year – Timber Creek Camp, Pulaski, MS.
  •          August – Hosted Thomas Baptist Church’s Ordination Ceremony for Pat King.
  •          This year, we surpassed our goal of packing 100 Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes by packing 102!

  •          Current Church Staff:  Pastor Tony Hicks, Youth Minister Mike Daniel, Children’s Director Shelley Thomas Stewart, Music Director Anna Dell Creel, Worship Leader Randy Thomas, Secretary/Church Clerk Terryl Hicks.  Phill Junkins serves as deacon chairman
  •          Sunday, March 8 – Winter Bible Study with Fred Brumfield along with potato lunch fundraiser for children’s camp.
  •          March 15 – Last in-person worship service before the Coronavirus/Covid-19 restrictions went into place.